Jørgen Christian Juul

Chief executive officer

Posted 03. Oct 2017
Reading time 2 minutes

Q3 – Cardlay makes another great leap forward

Looking back at Q3 makes me proud and secure in escalating the further development and roll out of Cardlay on an International scale. Cardlay launched a lot of new improvements and functionalities during Q3, for the benefit of SMEs, Large Caps, and Governmental customers. All is done for the clear vision of automating as many… Read More »

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Ralph Zitz

Chief technology officer

Posted 26. Sep 2017
Reading time 3 minutes

Cardlay Architecture part 1

To meet the needs and requirements of our customers, Cardlay utilizes a modern technology stack using proven industry components. We focus on providing our customers with the best possible user experience, while at the same time adhering to all the security standards expected within the field of financial services.

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Tobias Holger Hansen

Chief Legal Officer

Posted 19. Sep 2017
Reading time 5 minutes

The legal side of a Fintech company – How to be legally compliant and keep the business moving?

It is exciting times for the Fintech industry, which is under constant development. But what are the key legal issues companies that provide financial technology products or services need to consider to help ensure success?

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Carsten Petry

Business Unit Director

Posted 11. Sep 2017
Reading time 4 minutes

VAT reclaims in Europe – Did you get your money back?

Did you know that you could get your VAT refunded on most of your travel expenses? This is potentially up to 20% of your travel expenses in other EU countries! And your VAT reclaim from company travel could pay for more than your next Travel Expense Management system? Today it is estimated that the total… Read More »

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Vladimir Pajkovski

Chief product officer

Posted 05. Sep 2017
Reading time 4 minutes

PSD2 impact on commercial cards

There is almost no global bank located in Europe that is not preparing for a new financial regulation to take place in January 2018 and this is called PSD2. But what about Corporate and Commercial Card issuers? Are they prepared for the possible impact of PSD2 and do they know how can they capitalize on such a great opportunity?

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Benedikte Dahlerup

Chief Operating Officer

Posted 29. Aug 2017
Reading time 4 minutes

Ten Big Reasons for Business Process Automation

According to PayStream Advisors Inc., up to 43% of large corporations struggle with inefficient T&E processes and control of expense policies. Up to 51% of companies struggle with manual data entry and inefficient processes, while 25% suffer from high costs of processing expense reports. At the same time, 80% of all companies do not know their processing costs. In order to maintain employee satisfaction and departmental efficiency, fast and secure expense reimbursement and reconciliation are essential.

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