Successful Fintech & Bank Partnerships

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Posted 14. Nov 2018
By Jørgen Christian Juul
Jørgen Christian Juul
CEO & Founder

Jørgen Christian Juul is the founder of Cardlay and has extensive experience from holding Executive positions in listed companies and other corporate organisations, and at the same time being an entrepreneur. In his most recent position, he served as Executive Chairman at Wallmob, which he founded, operated, and sold to the Nordic IT Conglomerate Visma.

Transform data into client value with a fintech partnership and create new revenue streams. Fintech partnerships with banks can meet the needs of the customer with stronger and more digitalised products, years before the banks would be able to on their own.

The reason why fintech partnerships with banks can be so successful is that fintechs supply agility and speed while the banks supply the infrastructure and customers needed. The combination provides the optimal conditions for banks increasing revenues, expanding product portfolio and keeping customers happy.

With the vision of enriching every transaction, Cardlay has created a white label frontend platform that is built around the infrastructure of the international banks. With design as a priority, the product not only functions well but is intuitive, hassle-free and simple to use. This ensures customer happiness and continued use – the app becomes a part of their everyday.

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