App & online platform

Cardlay is a single software platform to issue, load and manage cards and expenses globally for complete visibility. The real-time transaction flow integrated with the expense management gives the opportunity to reconciliate in real time and automate processes.

Real time overview

Physical or virtual card balance is updated real time. Get an overview of expenses, private outlays, available funds, and whether a transaction is approved, open or not approved.

Block / unblock immediately

Block and unblock cards real time in case the card is missing, lost or reported stolen. Flip the virtual card to see CVC code or tap to keep the CVC code hidden.

Full overview - in one single screen

Through a testing process with 50 companies, representing both SMEs and Large Caps - Cardlay has developed its 2.0 Cardholder application. The user interface has been developed to secure instant overview and easy access to primary features of the user. Cardlay proudly offer an App that gives full overview of Card status, usage, available amount and all open and reconciliated transactions in one “Single Screen”

Instant card balance

Stay flexible on the go and integrate purchases and VAT into expenses traveling abroad. Real time card balance and available funds are available anytime, anywhere.

Cardlay Admin

The finance department can at any time view all transactions, expenses, receipts, tags etc. through the admin platform and filter for a full overview of dates, categories, departments or individuals. Furthermore they can automatically or semi-automatically approve expenses for both corporate paid expenses and reimburse private paid expenses.

Open or Reconciliated

The finance department and approver has a full and intuitive overview of live transactions floating into the system on a company, branch or individual level. Open transactions are easily approved or processed for need of more information.

Easy Reporting

All transactions are tagged with the business setup of the company - why reporting can be made on all cross levels accessed in the Cardlay platform.

Warnings & Restrictions

Overviewing all transactions in real-time gives never seen before opportunity to stop not wanted actions. This can be pre done through a setup on company or individual level for spending or/and access for expense groups.

Cards & Currencies Features

Cardlay offer the six primary currencies of the Nordics, EU and US. This provide companies with a strong potential of savings (1,5-2%) due to the avoidance of interchange fees.

Issue Payment Cards Instantly

Cards can be ordered by authorized users and loaded, unloaded, blocked and unblocked in real-time. Card transactions can also be viewed in real-time.