Cardlay – A world of card and payment services

A world of card and payment services

We inspire people through design and digital automation. Our white label platform provides a full product suite of services based on advanced data aggregation, AI, UX design and innovative back- & front-end software. Our tools and services empower partners with an effective platform for increasing core business, retention and new revenue streams.

Fast, modular and scalable product suite of services tailored to your market needs.

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Card Management

Payment Solution

Corporate Client App

Expense Management


Corporate Client App and Portal

Cardlay offers a white-label front-end solution with a corporate client app and portal. The cross device front-end solution is providing a premium, intuitive and connected user experience of the services for the corporate cardholders, controller and managers. The platform also provides a basis for operating and streamlining first line digital support and customer service at the partner.

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The award winning platform is paving the way for design and digitalization of the customer relationship through the handling of corporate cards and payments. With the white label turn-key solution, you can launch new digital services, handle customer activation and reduce cost and handling from self-service applications.

Our platform is promoting the mobile first philosophy, the corporate client app empowers partners with a tool to introduce new digital services and a freemium experience to active customers and cards. It also reduces the need for customer support due to the broad range of features pre-installed in the app.

Key functionalities
  • Active cards (freemium)
  • View pin codes
  • View transactions (in real-time)
  • Store digital receipts and expenses
  • Manage card controls
  • Push notifications and messaging
  • Direct support and self-servicing

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Card Management

Cardlay offers a full card management solution allowing you to develop and manage card programmes. With the card management, you can introduce many of the services found in traditional bank branch offices, but in a real time environment managed by the company.

You can leverage our expertise to operate plastic and virtual card programmes, whether it is debit or credit. The card management includes advanced mobile capabilities such as business hierarchy, card issuing, card controls and custom categories. The user experience has been developed specifically for SMEs and supports the structures and processes in large corporations.

Key functionalities
  • Physical and virtual card programme
  • Overview of cards, accounts and cardholder information
  • Transaction overview in real time incl. transaction data(receipts, invoices, tags, ect.)
  • Issue and activate cards
  • Soft block and close cards
  • Create/view pin codes
  • Administrate limitations for card usage e.g. specific MCC codes
  • Built-in automation of approval flows

Cardlay Payment Cloud Solution

The Cardlay Cloud solution supports the entire corporate card and payment value chain from issuing of all sorts of cards through to the transactions processing in full integration with Cardlays other services.

We deliver a full payment infrastructure that enables partners to offer and operate multiple card portfolios on clients. The solution is supporting prepaid, debit, credit, virtual and physical cards and includes all needed service, compliance and support for the partner.

Partners will be able to offer a solution for corporates where they can self-manage their interactions on cards, payments, transaction enrichment and expense handling as a turnkey solution.

The infrastructure is built on networks and integrations to the global market leaders FIS Global on processing, acquiring and Banking Circle on corporate banking, custody bank and card issuing.

Key functionalities
  • Full payment infrastructure
  • End-to-end platform service, compliance and support
  • Multiple virtual and physical card support
  • Strong global partnerships

Expense Management and Seamless ERP Integration

The expense management service delivers a real time overview of all corporate expenses. All company card transactions and reimbursements for employees are automatically collected and presented through the solution. The cardholder app automatically captures the majority of the account reconciliation information, augmented by the cardholder app where employees can add and enrich transactions with customized information for the company´s accounting. Digital receipts can also be uploaded directly into the expense management solution.

Cardlay provides one-click export of data to most ERP systems in order to provide a seamless bookkeeping experience. All transactions are reconsolidated and enriched in real-time, and cam be exported daily, weekly or monthly basis, when it has been settled in the bank. Receipts and invoices can be saved to Cardlay’s cloud or downloaded to local file storage.

Key functionalities
  • Expense overview and details
  • Custom fields and merchant info
  • Categorization and custom sub-categories
  • Accounting coding and Ledger setup
  • Split expense
  • Digital receipts
  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Mileage tracking and reporting
  • Configure data export and ERP integrations
  • Business hierarchy support and approval flows
  • Notifications and messaging

Vattax automated VAT reclaim

Automatic reclaim EU-VAT with Vattax. When travelling to other EU countries, travel expenses such as hotel, restaurant, car rental include local VAT. This VAT can be reclaimed, but it is a difficult and time-consuming process. Vattax solves this problem through automation and seamlessly integrates with the cardholder App. Vattax offers a unique overview and power tools for an accounting department that simplifies the reclaim of European VAT.

Reclaim up to 20% of your travel expenses with Vattax

PwC supplies the needed know-how with their extensive knowledge of VAT and keeps the system up to date with the ever-changing VAT rules in every EU country.

Transaction is received real-time in the app and the cardholder enriches the transaction at the same time as uploading the receipt. The cardholder simply needs to answer the few country specific VAT questions, on each eligible transaction to enrich the associated reconciliation data in real-time. The company can add or correct missing information, before Vattax automatically processes all claims with reimbursement to an agreed client account.

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Automated and Integrated Solutions

The product suite from Cardlay provides an automated flow from payment in app, handling of expenses and cards to reclaim of EU-VAT.