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Our white label solution for banks aims at enriching all transactional data. Based on artificial intelligence, predictive analysis, and Unique Design Cardlay’s innovating software leverages the integration between Credit card transactions, Travel Expense Management and EU-VAT reclaim.

Cardlay's frontend, great user experience and built-in, automated solutions gives banks the tools to increase customer retention and improve earnings through a stronger digital customer relationship.

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We provide a full Front-to-Back solution - based on four separate elements and the existing banking infrastructure. Learn more about each Cardlay element below.

Travel Expense Management

The Travel Expense Management service (TEM) delivers a real time overview of all corporate expenses. All company card transactions and transactions to be reimbursed by employees automatically flow through the TEM service as soon as the cards swipe through the registers.

  • Spending rules for employees e.g. categories or MCC codes
  • Easy export or integration for ERP systems such as e-conomic

Through the Cardholder App, employees can supply additional information about the transaction such as the receipt or invoice, comments and other relevant information for internal and external accounting departments.

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Seamless ERP Integration

Cardlay provides one-click export of data to most known ERP systems, developed in cooperation with accountants and bookkeepers to function seamlessly.

The primary purpose of an ERP system is to automate business processes to make the business much more efficient and provide better visibility into those processes. Cardlay's services secure a seamless adaption of the processed transactional data.

All transactions are reconsolidated and enriched in real-time, and can be exported on daily, weekly or monthly basis, when it has been settled in the bank

Receipts and invoices can be saved to Cardlay's cloud or downloaded for local file storage.

Reclaim EU-VAT with Vattax

When travelling to other EU countries, travel expenses like hotel, restaurant, car rental etc. include local VAT. The VAT can be reclaimed, but it is a difficult and time-consuming process. Vattax solves this problem through automation and seamlessly integrates with the Cardholder App.

  • Reclaim up to 20% of your travel expenses with Vattax

PwC supplies the needed know-how with their extensive knowledge of VAT and keeps the system up-to-date with the constantly ever-changing VAT rules in every EU country.

Transaction is received real-time in the app and the cardholder enriches the transaction at the same time as uploading the receipt.

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Card Management in real time

The Card Management platform is a user-friendly interface to issue, load and manage all corporate cards in real-time. It offers great control, overview and functionalities similar to what you would find in a bank, but in a real-time environment, with an intuitive design, managed by the company and integrated with other corporate services.

  • Overview of all payment cards and cardholder information
  • Overview of all transactions in real time
  • Admin limitations for card usage e.g. specific MCC codes
  • Built-in automation for approval of transactions
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Enrichment of data

The Cardlay Solution Platform offers a high level of data enrichment. It empowers banks and card issuers to create new revenues streams and digitalize corporate banking by enriching every card transaction.

Know your customer (KYC)

KYC is a well-known, time-consuming process in most banks. Cardlay has modernised and automated the process of gathering customer information and displaying it on a dashboard.

The Cardlay KYC tool offers an online platform that helps customers easily identify and deliver the desired information.

  • No more manual data filling by banks or Corporate Clients
  • Avoid data errors – Stay compliant
  • Minimize fraud
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