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Cardlay is a Danish FinTech company founded with a clear purpose: We want to drive effortless corporate spend by making it easy for businesses to handle cards, payments, and expenses.

We deliver fast-scalable white-label and Cardlay branded solutions to enable and serve banks, card issuers, processors, and other financial institutions with the newest intelligent commercial payment infrastructure and front end.

We secure the digital connectivity to serve the end-user's needs with a short time to market and a full go-to-market support solution, ensuring new revenue streams and cost-savings.

Our platform is PCI-DSS certified and hosted in a dedicated AWS environment with the highest level of security certification.

Our product offering

Fast, modular, and scalable product suite tailored to your market needs.

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Card management

Advanced card management solution for corporate clients having support for multiple card types, including debit, credit, virtual and prepaid cards. Full access and spend controls, instant issuing, loading, and blocking from a user friendly and integrated mobile experience or desktop interface.

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Expense management

Plug-and-play expense management solution with a fully automated and real-time expense handling process supported by multiple out-of-the-box ERP integrations. Control, report and reconcile company expenses across multiple companies and business hierarchies.

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Automatic VAT Reclaim

Automated EU VAT reclaim solution allowing corporates to reclaim EU VAT on travel expenses in an efficient self-service portal fully integrated with the Corporate Client App and Expense Management services. Offers a fully digital reclaim process for companies to maximize the potential reclaim value.

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Payment Cloud - integration to SAP Concur

Issue virtual payment cards directly from SAP Concur in your own brand name or get it in Cardlay’s name, depending on your current infrastructure set-up and preferences. The Payment Cloud is based on an advanced technology platform and a front-end solution that ensures a seamless user experience across the entire value chain. It connects banks, their customers and SAP Concur.

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We connect the world through strong partnerships

Our unique value chain is based on a platform infrastructure and APIs. We secure that infrastructure, data enrichment and front-end are interlinked. Our solutions are built and taken to market together with leading global players in the value chain.

We connect and integrate to leading cards schemes, processors, acquirers, card issuers and banks. Cardlay brings a full tech infrastructure from leading partners together with our innovative technology to enable a real-time digital processing of commercial cards and payments.

Infrastructure capabilities

Deep API integrations to global processors and acquirers enable us to develop service capabilities including virtual accounts and cards, controls and spending, notifications and much more - in real time.

Front-end services

Intuitive and integrated mobile and desktop capabilities to leverage payment transactions and card data into a service. One turn-key solution for FinTechs, banks and card issuers to provide controls and enhance usage and benefits for the corporates and their employees.

API compability

Advanced enrichment and data transfer solutions delivered to multiple EMS and ERPs through secure APIs enable us to connect and impact the value chain.


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Get full control and visibility into company spending, avoid time-consuming paperwork and make life easier for all your employees.

  • Control company spending upfront

  • No subscription or set-up fees

  • PCI-DSS compliant


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Want to get full control and visibility into company spending, avoid time-consuming paperwork and make life easier for all your employees? Book a demo now

  • Control company spending upfront

  • No subscription or set-up fees

  • PCI-DSS compliant