100% Automation

Vision is backed by industry leaders, financial experts and fintech gurus. Cardlay is a single software platform to issue, load and manage cards and expenses globally for complete visibility, and optimization in all processes.

Cardlay Cards & Expense Management App

Optimize administration & expense management

  • Receipts and expenses are loaded from the Cardlay App, and administrated, approved and reimbursed centrally through the Cardlay Admin, by approvers or by automated processes.

  • Real-time transactions flow into Cardlay, why you can reconciliate your expences instantly. You can check your balance and available funds at any time. Get PIN and block or unblock the payment card directly in the App.

Instant Transaction Reconciliation

Cardlay offers an integrated Cards & Expenses Management solution 
which provides real-time reconciliation of transactions with their receipts. Your Cardlay Mastercard® is accepted at millions of merchants worldwide, wherever you see the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.

See the benefits

Increase efficiency & overview at lower risk

Finance or branch managers can overview all payments and cost in a real-time dashboard for all employees attached. The gives an unique opportunity to act and react proactively

  • admin-Expense Management expense-management Created with Sketch. Expense Management
    Cardlay’s solution integrates Cards and Expense Management in an intelligent and intuitive platform offering real time overview of transactions and expenditures. Receive card transactions in the Cardlay Admin and get real-time transaction notifications on your app. Receipts for expenses are loaded from the Cardlay App, and administrated, approved and reimbursed centrally.
  • admin-Account Management accounts-management Created with Sketch. Account Management
    Cardlay Admins can easily manage expenses in subsidiaries, branches, departments and different legal entities for full overview and real time control. Manage accounts in six different currencies or in total. Controlling, reporting and financial overview is immediate and is real time.
  • admin-Card Management card-management Created with Sketch. Card Management
    Manage, activate, load and even block / un-block prepaid Mastercard cards. Issue cards in EUR, USD, GBP, DKK, SEK and NOK matching where the cards will be used, and ensure internal and regulatory compliance doing business in multiple countries. Tracking multiple transactions is simple, fast and immediate, and saves substantial time, effort and costs handling expenses.
  • admin-Dashboard Group 15 Created with Sketch. Dashboard
    The dashboard gives a clear and real-time overview of active cards, usage of cards, split into categories, currencies used - which can be structured down to day, week, month or year on a company or branch level. From the dashboard detailed information on single transactions, users, cards, accounts etc. can easily be accessed.


Cardlay’s Cards & Expense Management platform and app offers the highest level of security and has a lot of build in security facilities to prevent fraudulent activity. Fraud monitoring

Fraud monitoring

Cardlay has a lot of build in security facilities to prevent fraudulent activity. All transactions are monitored 24/7 from a secure data center and covered by global providers of card programs and banks infrastructure and security.

Mastercard partner

Cardlay physical & virtual cards are issued by Transact Payments Limited pursuant to licence by Mastercard International Incorporated and accepted by millions of merchants worldwide. Mastercard and the Mastercard Acceptance Mark are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated.

Bank-level security

Cardlay is PCI DSS certified and offers the highest security level possible. All sensitive company, card information and cardholder data is protected by encryption and is stored in a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant data center.

Just Better Business

Every routine job in a company that can be optimized, should be so. First for the optimization of resources which will be highly valuable for just that, but second to release strong (and probably expensive) employees to build value with their worktime. The processes can be cut to near 0 resource use, by automated approvals based on the company rules for expenses. We call that… Just Better Business