Cards & Expenses

Cardlay is a single platform to issue, load, and manage cards and expenses globally for complete visibility.

If you think that Card Management needs to be a bureaucratic process between a company and its banks – think again. The Cardlay approach eliminates any back-and-forth discussion and demanding processes just to order payment cards. With real time notifications and virtual account functionality; tracking multiple transactions is simple, fast, and immediate.

Cardlay A/S was founded with a focus on three parallel platforms; the Cardlay Card Management Platform, the Cardlay Administration Platform, for expense management and matching expenses with transactions, and the Cardlay App, that makes it easy to report expenses on the go.

Jørgen Christian Juul, the founder of Cardlay A/S, who has founded and managed several companies saw the opportunity to address the issues around payment card handling and expense management and came up with a creative solution.

The Cardlay Platforms communicate instantly with each other. The company can issue, load, and manage transactions in real-time. It only takes 30 seconds to create a new account in the bank, issue, and load a new card, and even email it as a virtual card for employees. Physical cards are mailed by post and can arrive within 72 hours of ordering.

The platforms are “born global” by offering EUR, USD, GBP, NOK, SEK and DKK as currencies for payment cards.

The Cardlay core team consist of handpicked, senior specialists who ensure ultimate efficiency in technical and business development.


Jørgen Christian Juul


Jørgen Christian Juul is the founder of Cardlay and has extensive experience from holding Executive positions in listed companies and other corporate organisations, and at the same time being an entrepreneur. In his most recent position, he served as Executive Chairman at Wallmob, which he founded, operated, and sold to the Nordic IT Conglomerate Visma.

Benedikte Dahlerup


Benedikte Dahlerup is responsible for Cardlay daily operations. Benedikte contributes with experience from her former position as Hospital Manager/CFO of a private hospital, and a long career within business consultancy, primarily within GTM and Marketing Communications strategies.

Vladimir Pajkovski


Vladimir Pajkovski is both product owner and responsible for building Cardlay’s partner network and integrations. Vladimir contributes with experience from the largest Nordic Banks as a senior executive

Ralph Zitz


Ralph Zitz is responsible for the IT development and platform architecture. Ralph contributes with experience from positions within various IT development disciplines including solution and enterprise architecture, most recently within the LEGO Group.


Thorleif Krarup


Thorleif Krarup is former Executive VP and Group CEO for Nykredit, Unibank and Nordea, and former Chairman of the Board and board member for among other TDC, Falck, Alk-Abello, G4S, Lundbeck and Bang & Olufsen.

Jørgen Christian Juul

Board Member

Jørgen Christian Juul is the founder and CEO of Cardlay A/S. He is the prior founder and Executive Chairman of the Board at Wallmob.

Morten Lund

Board Member

Morten Lund is a serial entrepreneur, was part of global successes like Skype and Tradeshift. Now active with

Ken Villum Guldbrandt Klausen

Board Member

Ken Villum Guldbrandt Klausen is known as the serial entrepreneur challenging the legacy bank system with his neo bank – Lunar Way, and prior founder and CEO of Wallmob.

Just Better Business

Every routine job in a company that can be optimized should be so. Firstly, for the optimization of resources, which will be highly valuable for just that, but secondly to release strong (and probably expensive) employees to build value with their work time. The processes can be cut to near zero resource use, by automated approvals based on the company rules for expenses. We call that… Just Better Business

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8 Euro / Per user incl. 1 Card per month
8 Euro / monthly

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